ˮI can Take Your Pain Awayˮ

ˮI can Take Your Pain Awayˮ

English edition, soft cover, Dr Sergey Konovalov’s 50th birthday commemorative edition

Reading this book gives you a chance to get rid of everyday problems, achieve a sense of life, and contact the healing force of the Energy of Creation.
This book talks about the amazing doctor who does the impossible: he cures the sick regardless of the severity of their diagnosis or age.
The Centre of Dr Konovalov is more than 10 years old already. Here, patients are cured of diseases which, in their words, were considered incurable by traditional medicine.
In addition to the series of distance-session methods and energy exercises, the book contains unique material (photos and testimonials from patients and scientists) that has not been published until now.

This book is not a manual of medicine. All recommendations must be discussed with your physician.


M.D., Ph.D., Professor
Sergey Konovalov