Magical Molecules of Health

Authors: I.M. Kvetnoy; S.S. Konovalov. 224 pages, hard cover, book size: 84×108/32

In this book, Dr Sergey Konovalov, author of the series of ‘Books that Heal’, begins a new series called ‘Round Table of Doctor Konovalov’.
After many years of scientific research, he decided, together with his colleagues, to render accessible to a wide audience the results of scientists whose research is primarily involved in the health and well-being of people. The aim of this “round table” is to present in a clear way the advanced methods of the scientific research and the most interesting and important discoveries in modern biology and medicine.
In the book you are now holding, Dr Konovalov and his colleague I.M. Kvetnoy, a professor and member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, tell us about the origin, progress, and achievements of neuro-immune-endocrinology, a science that studies the mechanisms of the regulatory processes of the vital functions of the organism with the help of hormones — the ‘magical molecules’. The authors deal with the most important and interesting landmarks of this young science in a captivating way. They describe the main groups of hormones and their influence on people’s health, and they note that therapeutic application of hormones opens up new possibilities for medicine. The book is appropriate for a wide audience. You will find this book to be easy to read and interesting..


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